Tyfon : Subframe, winching legs and toolboxes

Subframe is made as well as L-boom and telescope, from the various special steel types like Ruukki Strenx (Weldox 700), Optim 650 and Hardox 400.

All pins are made of quality boring steel UHB 461.

Winching legs (Scandinavian legs or winching supports, how you want to call them) have stroke of 800mm.

All paintwork in subframe, winching legs and boom is done with the thickness of 736µ and first layer is epox.

Main toolbox during the build-up. Floor is raised and warm air circulates underneath. In picture half of the floor is uninstalled.

Main toolbox behind the cabin is providing housing for hydraulic air compressor and places for selected tool sets including shovel, ironbar, sledgehammer, door opening kit, hydraulic jack, stripes, chains etc. Because of the cold north winter seasons, the main toolbox is heated with engine cooling water with in-toolbox 5,2kW water-heater and underfloor air circulation. Inside the main toolbox is also jumpstart cables, extension high strength fiber rope Dyneema, reels for air pressure hose and plug+ cable from 230VAC hydraulic generator.

Side boxes includes holders for In-The-Ditch speed dollies. Boxes are made of 2.5mm / 5mm stainless steel, equipped with Jagger locks, Bansbach gas-springs and Grote LED-lights.

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