new tow truck : Oberaigner 6x6 Tyfon

Chassis - Base of the tow truck

Oberaigner 6x6 offers magnificant maneuverability with great payload in a compact size. It is one of the best base for a tow truck targeting to operating on harsh environments.

Bodywork, subframe, boom etc.

Designed to be strong and light, with maximum durability. Thick and protective paintwork on structures. State of art operating possibilities with remote control or joystic, proportional of course.

Value for the purchace

Best materials and components for long and cost efficient lifecycle. Saving in wrong places makes things very expensive in a long run. Investing to quality pays always back.

25 Years of tow truck building

Once upon a time, far in the countryside lived a man who needed a simple and lightweight vehicle for transporting damaged cars for his own part hobby part business use. Because of his young age and limited budget, he decided to build up a lightweight tow truck by himself.

After the very first tow truck was builded and several damaged cars were transported, nearby people started to ask if he could tow and transport their vehicles too. Soon there was a need for another tow truck and once again he decided to build one.

Years went by and new tow trucks were built every now and then, sometimes he bought already complete tow truck and modified it for his custom needs.
Now after 25 years, alongside of his running towing business, he wanted to build a towtruck of his dreams, bring it up for other towing enthusiasts and offer everyone that same possibility to build their own dream machine.

Inter-Hinaus Oy – The Factory was born.

Inter-Hinaus Oy – The Factory products are NOT bulk, cheap, made without passion, or plain black iron.

Inter-Hinaus Oy – The Factory products are tailored, quality valued, special featured, and selected high density steel.

You will know us by our style : From Hardox with Love !